Welcome to my website, Robe of Many Colors.

Dr. Shanee Stepakoff

I chose this name for several reasons.

The phrase captures something central about my values and identity. As you will see if you spend a little time here, my interests and professional activities are varied. Writing, clinical practice, human rights advocacy, teaching, training, creative arts, and research are the main parts of my professional path. Each of these areas is distinct, but all are integral to my life and work.

I would like for this website to be enjoyed by people across the spectrum of differences – and in particular, people of all races, ethnicities, and cultures. So, the “robe of many colors” is not only a metaphor for me but also for the human community – with all its vibrancy, complexity, and richness.

Pierre Bonnard, Dining Room in the Country

Another reason I chose this name: One of the first books I ever read was a children’s picture-book about the biblical figure of Joseph. I loved the story not only for the luxurious garment that Joseph’s father gave him, but for the many instances in which Joseph demonstrated his capacity to accurately interpret dreams. I have a lifelong commitment to learning from nighttime dreams and supporting others in doing the same. So, if you have a particular interest in that topic, you may wish to visit my dedicated website, www.professionaldreaminterpretation.com.

In the years since I first read that picture-book, I’ve discovered that Joseph’s life has been recounted in multiple genres, including prose, fiction, musical theater, and poetry. Literary arts  – poems, novels, plays, folk songs, and short stories – are among my most enduring passions, and I particularly appreciate literary works that defy traditional categorization. That’s another reason I chose a website name that’s reminiscent of Joseph’s tale. Since 1990, I’ve been developing particular ways of using literature and expressive writing to foster insight and wholeness. If you’re interested mainly in that part of my work, you may wish to visit my dedicated website, www.graphopoetic.com.

For now, you’ve found your way to my home page.  If you’d like to know more, please take some time and wrap yourself in the many-hued, intricately woven cloth that I refer to as “my work.”